Ways We’re Autism-Friendly


•You don’t have to explain autism to us, we know firsthand.

•We know some autistic children like to stick to a schedule. We’ll work around yours .

•We know how important schools with good special needs support are. We can get you in contact with the right people in the district.

•Our son loves technology, so we always have an iPad with fun apps with us.

•We bring along toys that may interest your child.

•We can lend you a pair of noise canceling headphones. (Always sanitized after use.)

•If you need to reschedule because it’s been a bad day, we understand.

•Since you have two agents working for you, if your child wants to stay in one room while you tour the rest of the house, we can divide and conquer.



If you have any suggestions as to how we can become even more autism-friendly, please feel free to let us know. We welcome your feedback!